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Editorial Policy

Press Sports Ghana is a sports news and information platform which seeks to promote all sporting disciplines in Ghana. Our contents include news, features, articles, blogs, and videos which seeks to inform and promote the development of the game.

Our model relies on revenue from advertisers and sponsors. These firms advertise products and services through banners, product listing and as well as sponsor specific portions of our website.

Our editorial objective is to inform our readers with relevant sports news and information. We also provide a platform for the advancement of the sporting industry in the Ghana and the continent at large. We remain fair and objective in our reportage.

Press Sports Ghana uses variety of resources to gather and report on the content we cover. We encourage those who advertise on our page to provide us with information to be used in news, but any inclusions of content on this site is determined by its editorial value, sole as determined by the editorial staff.

  • We welcome and value all reader feedback and criticism
  • We seek to inform our cherished audience with accurate, truthful and balanced but relevant news and information.
  • We seek to be unbiased in our report but focus on topics of interest to our readership.
  • Press Sports Ghana will not be responsible for the accuracy of content or resources provided by outside parties. Links are checked for accuracy at time of reporting but we recognize that the internet is a changing medium and these links may become invalid or changed.
  • Once an error is reported in our published news item, we take steps to correct the inaccuracy.
  • We accurately label or credit news items from outside source to distinguish it from our own, written by Press Sports Ghana editors and freelancers.
  • We strive to meet the highest level of standard for accuracy and completeness.
  • Opinions expressed by bloggers are those of our valued contributors and we do not necessarily endorse or share in those opinions.
  • Factual errors should be reported to our editorial department, identifying the story and details of the error. We will immediately investigate any claim of inaccuracy.

Content Submission

Press Sports Ghana regularly receives content submission requests from writers, bloggers, etc. for publication. While we always happy to be notified about the potentially interesting content, we do not pay for the content to be created, nor do we guarantee any submitted content will be published on the site.


Updated stories are added to the website on the daily.

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We will do well to address it accordingly.

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